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The Venice Beach House was one of the best places I have stayed in L.A.. - TravelPost
The breakfast was tasty and the ambiance was just perfect. It is my new home when visiting L.A. - Fodor's
The Venice Beach House is that wonderful, most unlikely kind of place rarely found in Southern California. - TravelPost
“Venice of America” and Other Anecdotes

“Venice of America” and Other Anecdotes The Venice Beach House

As we all know, Venice Beach is a one-of-a-kind city, with many local attractions and rich history, but did you know how our beautiful city became the way it did? There is history in every corner, and that does not exclude us here at our little hotel in Venice, CA called The Venice Beach House.
A tobacco millionaire by the name of Abbot Kinney, (ring a bell locals?) came to Venice by way of New Brunswick, New Jersey, and envisioned a resort town similar to Venice of Italy. Hence the original name of Venice Beach was actually Venice of America when it opened on July 4th, 1905. In the city’s earliest years, visitors to Venice of America would arrive by streetcar or railroad and travel through the city by footpath, canal or miniature railroad.
Seven distinct canals formed an irregular grid pattern in a two-mile stretch of former saltwater marshlands when it opened to the public on July 4th, 1905. The widest of them, appropriately named Grand Canal, terminated at a large saltwater lagoon. Three of the smaller canals referred to celestial bodies: Aldebaran, Venus, and Altair. Interestingly, the Venice Canals are now disguised as residential streets present-day. Many of them were filled to make room for roads and homes once the automobile came about.
Interesting Facts:
-The Venice Beach House is registered on the National Register of Historic Places, an honor bestowed upon us from the Venice Historian’s Society prestigious recognition and honor.
-The reason everyone went to party in the seaside ballrooms of Venice in the first half of the 20th century was because the prudes in Los Angeles had practically outlawed public dancing.
-Venice in the 1950s was in a downward spiral, the upkeep of the city was in a freefall, resulting in broken infrastructure of streets, canals, roads, schools, homes, restaurants, and the rise of gangs.
-Charlie Chaplin developed his “Little Tramp” character here in 1914 at Kid Auto Races
– In the 1950’s Venice Beach became the premiere hangout for professional bodybuilders. Gold’s Gym was their preferred gym, branching out to what is now known as Muscle Beach
-Venice Beach is actually the 2nd-largest tourist attraction of Southern California. The first honor belongs to Disneyland of course.
-Venice was the birthplace of the Doors.
-Over 60 films have used Venice Beach in their movies, such as “Speed” and “White Men Can’t Jump”

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