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The Venice Beach House was one of the best places I have stayed in L.A.. - TravelPost
The breakfast was tasty and the ambiance was just perfect. It is my new home when visiting L.A. - Fodor's
The Venice Beach House is that wonderful, most unlikely kind of place rarely found in Southern California. - TravelPost
Venice Beach Hotel

Venice Beach Hotel The Venice Beach House

What’s the first thing most people do when they arrive in Los Angeles? Go to the beach of course! The beaches in this area are packed with fun in the sun and there are a plethora of shops, restaurants and outdoor activities that will keep you entertained for days on end. Your stay at the Venice Beach House, or one of the local Santa Monica and Venice beach hotels, will have you living in luxury in the heart of all the action.

The first thing you need to do before you arrive is find a good hotel that suits your needs. The Venice Beach House is in the perfect location and our rates won’t break the bank. We have some great deals available so be sure to take advantage while you can because once summertime hits it’s going to be a whole different ballgame around here as the crowds flock to these beaches.

If you’re looking for Santa Monica beach hotels we are also a good option as it is the city just north of Venice and even though it is right next door, Santa Monica offers many different options when looking for things to do.

These two cities are alike in many ways but also different in many ways. Santa Monica has the Pier with its own small amusement park located directly on it, including a giant Ferris wheel and a trapeze swing that must be experienced.

Venice is a bit more laid back and cultural. The world famous Venice Boardwalk is home to performers, vendors and all sorts of shops, dining and bars. For accommodations, your best bet is finding a nice hotel that is situated close to all the action but not right on the Boardwalk as it can get quite busy and noisy.

The Venice Beach House is located a block away where you can still walk to all the action but will be tucked away in a more quiet, secure and private area. Once you’re situated enjoy your time there and there’s no doubt you will be back for more!

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