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The Venice Beach House was one of the best places I have stayed in L.A.. - TravelPost
The breakfast was tasty and the ambiance was just perfect. It is my new home when visiting L.A. - Fodor's
The Venice Beach House is that wonderful, most unlikely kind of place rarely found in Southern California. - TravelPost
the Aimee MacPherson Suite

the Aimee MacPherson Suite King Size Bed / Garden View / Private Bath

Room Features
  • Garden view
  • King size bed
  • Twin bed
  • Very private entrance
  • Private bath
  • Full cable included
  • Wi-Fi internet included
  • Full Continental Breakfast included
Availability and Pricing
  • Nightly Rate / $335
  • Reserved Parking / $15

Aimee Semple MacPherson, history’s most famous evangelist and faith healer, a woman who preached to the largest congregations in the world, relaxed at Venice Beach between tours. At The Venice Beach House and, in this room, the prayers of Aimee MacPherson were repeated before an alter built by Roy Pruitt. Sometimes with followers and often alone, unemployed and eccentric Roy Pruitt worshiped in this alter room for much of the time during the forty years he and Cora Pruitt owned The Venice Beach House.

Roy and the rest of the world were stunned by the news flash on May 19, 1926 that Aimee had walked in to the ocean at Venice Beach and disappeared. For weeks, lifeguards searched for her body while crowds gathered at the beach to weep and pray. Only three days after millions of radio listeners joined in her memorial service, Aimee turned up in the Arizona desert telling a fantastic kidnap story. After being held prisoner in a Mexican shack, Aimee testified that she escaped on foot across the desert, yet when she surfaced in Arizona radiant as ever, she was without noticeable signs of sunburn or fatigue. As police grew suspicious of her story, witnesses placed Aimee here and there in the company of her radio operator, a handsome but very married man. Did they or did they not? With the world sitting in judgment and with Roy Pruitt and millions of followers praying for her deliverance, a smitten jury returned the verdict “not guilty”.